Why buy real estate in Batumi?
17 სექტემბერი, 2020

Real estate market of Batumi is the second largest across the country after Tbilisi. Furthermore, before pandemic Batumi real estate market showed consistent YOY growth tendencies which can be attributed to the following factors:


1. Dynamically increasing tourism sector

Ajara and Batumi are key tourist destinations in the Black Sea region hosting millions of tourists each year. To specify, last year Ajara and Batumi were visited by more than 2 million visitors. Naturally, increasing tourist flows stimulate the demand on real estate in Batumi.


2. Diversity of tourism offerings

Ajara boasts a wide range of tourism products thanks to its rich natural resources, tangible and intangible cultural heritage which make this place all year-round destination. Alongside with sea tourism, other types of tourism are also popular, including: ski-mountainous tourism, eco-tourism, rural tourism., birdwatching etc.


3. International recognition

Increasing popularity of Ajara region is acknowledged on international level. In 2019 World Travel Award nominated Batumi as the leading emerging European tourism destination.

In addition, in 2019 the largest flat renting platform Airbnb nominated Batumi as one of the most trending cities across the world.


If after reading this blog, you start thinking about buying a flat in Batumi, get in touch. At Citron Group we are more than happy to offer qualified consultation regarding real estate purchase here. Citron Group is currently developing projects in Batumi, Chakvi and Goderdzi.

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